Courses Taught

Department of Management Information Systems, University of Arizona

  • MIS 531 Enterprise Data Management
  • MIS 304 Using and Managing Information Systems
  • MIS111L Computers & Internetworked Society, Excel Lab
  • MIS 307 Business Data Communications4
  • MIS 331 Database Management Systems
  • MIS 373 Basic Operations Management
  • MIS 111 Introduction to Computing

Department of Management Sciences, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

  • 06K:182 Applications Database Management Systems
  • 06K:186 Advanced Database Management
  • 6K:230 Database Systems
  • 06K:272 Advanced Database Analysis

Teaching Awards and Nominations

  • Alpha Kappa Psi, University of Arizona, Outstanding Faculty Award, March 2012
  • Teaching Excellence in Management Sciences Department, University of Iowa (released each semester for instructors with an evaluation score over 5.45/6): Spring 2010 (6K:186), Fall 2009 (6K:182), Spring 2009 (6K:186), Spring 2008 (6K:182, 186), Fall 2007 (6K:182), Spring 2007 (6K:182), Fall 2006 (6K:186), Spring 2006 (6K:182), Fall 2005 (6K:182, 6K:186), Spring 2005 (6K:182, 6K:272)
  • Recipient of Dean’s Teaching Award, Tippie college of Business, University of Iowa, Spring 2010. Nominated by graduating seniors as one of UI faculty members with “most positive effects”, Spring 2010.
  • 2006 Spring & Fall Teaching excellence (75th percentile +, among faculty in the Tippie College, University of Iowa)
  • Undergraduate Leadership Council, Tippie College, University of Iowa, nominated for Student's Choice Award for Faculty Excellence, April 2007
  • Undergraduate Leadership Council, Tippie College, University of Iowa,  nominated for Tippie Favorite Faculty Member, April 2006
  • Delta Sigma Pi, University of Iowa Faculty of the Month, March 2006